R/C Combat is a very cool way to have some good old competition and some exhilarating flying.
You use a piece of 1" crepe paper streamer 30' long behind your plane. The object is to get as many
cuts of the other guys streamer and keep as much of your streamer as possible in five minutes. You
get 100 points for each cut plus extra points for the length of streamers you have left when you land.
There are several different classes of combat SSC Slow Survivable Combat. There is Open B and There
is several classes of scale combat..These are some of the most popular classes. You can run glow or

electric power. The RCCA is where you can find all of the details on R/C Combat.  
These pictures were from the Lone Star Nats. They were held in Ft. Worth Texas March 28,29,30th
2008. There were contestants from all over the country.  The competition was fierce
but the fun lasted for three great days of flying and fellowship with some of the nicest people I have
ever had the pleasure of flying with! These contestants are here to win but they are always ready to
help you out with what ever you need to keep on flying. This is one extremely exhilarating flying
experience. It will make you a better pilot to boot! It is the most fast paced contest you will ever
attend. No waiting around all day to get to fly two or three times. There are several kit mfgs. To get
you started Avengers and Battle Axes, Falcons and every kind of machine you can dream up were
Links to kit mfgs.  
Avengers by Air Scharnell, Hat Trick r/c, Battle axes by Trenneff r/c. Other
info and links can be found on the
RCCA website.
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